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A Floryday é um site único! Tem lindos vestidos e acessórios que tornam o look perfeitoo! Minha experiência foi muito boa. Eles realmente conseguiram me conquistar. Recomendo meninas.
80% of all customers got nothing. 20% of all customers got only valueless garbage for the bin. It comes from Poland (Company is from China, but delivery comes from Chinese people in Poland). All is the most bad "quality" you have ever seen. Look also "Knock off Nightmares" in Facebook. All is for the bin only. wrong sizes, poison in plastic, stinky and different to the pictures in net. stolen pictures from other pages. I lost with my order: 4052144 - € 86,63. But countless people losing hundreds... You will never get a reply from the customer service. To send the items back is impossible. When you belong to the 20% they get rubbish for the bin. 80% get nothing... I reported this fraudster to the Police. they told me this Chinese company cheat thousands of people...

80% aller Besteller erhalten gar nichts. 20% erhalten völlig wertlosen Müll in einer unbeschreibbar schlechten "Qualität", falschen Größen, und immer (das Netz ist voll von zig.-tausenden wütender Kunden von tidebuy) nach (ätzender) Chemie stinkend. Lesen sie zu tidebuy auch "Knock of Nightmares" in Facebook. Lieferungen kommen (wenn... 80% erhalten niemals irgendetwas) von einer Chinesischen Firma in Polen. Deren Kundenservice antwortet nie. Umtausch, oder Rücksendung ist unmöglich. ihr Geld ist verloren. Tausende stellten Strafanzeige bei der Polizei, aber China... Einige (wenige) erhielten Chemikalien-verseuchte Lumpen für Erwachsene, die gerade einem Kind gepasst hätten. Oder Pakete (damit sie Unterschrift haben) mit Hundefellen... In der Freude endlich (nach Monaten...) ein Paket zu bekommen, zahlten diese zudem noch hohe Zollgebühren. Für Müll... Ich habe € 86,63 verloren, niemals eine Antwort auf 13 Mails erhalten. Die Briefkasten-Firma ist bekannt, hat mehrere Namen. Deren Fotos für die Ware sind im Netz geklaut. Sogar 1 Stern ist noch zu viel für die.
I can't really afford a private investigator but I needed to know what is going on with my husband and it was driving me crazy. I went to and chatted to a consultant. She gave me very helpful advice about things I can do to "uncover the truth" as she put it. I was suprised because she wasn't trying to sell me something or convince me to use their services. If I had the money i'd use Intertel's services for sure. Thanx for the advice and help, i really appreciate it.
I am a buyer from the US and I was really excited when u reached my package last week. I order some fashion jewelry. The quality is amazing with the cheap price, I was a little sceptical at first but I gave it a try anyway.but the free shipping take about 15 days.if could fatster will be perfect!
Not only does have great products, but their customer services cannot be beat! If something is not to your satisfaction they will make it right!
Thank you for the email,I had made a mistake ordering two wigs but I am really pleased with this wig and will need another in the future as I have chemotherapy and so I will have the second wig as ordered. I thought the service you have given to me has been very good and I would like to say thank you.

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