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Ottima scelta e risparmio

Grazie a Gearbest ho risparmiato dal 30 al 70% sui miei numerosi ordini, tra cui un laptop nuovo di cui sono davvero soddisfatto. Customer care eccellente e disponibile sia in italiano che inglese, consegne in tempi buoni (una settimana per gli articoli giá disponibili). Consigliatissimo.
Cuma, Niasn 19, 2019

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Order No.2: 19030500988810589590 from 05/03/2019
Great phone, good quality, fast, lots of memory and good camera. The phone was quickly delivered
Çarşamba, Niasn 17, 2019

Great gadget store

Gearbest is my go to store when I want to buy a gadget. I've made several orders without any issue, and I will continue to use Gearbest for sure.
Very helpful customer support.
Çarşamba, Niasn 17, 2019


I'm buying at Gearbest e-store for several years. Had expirience and can say that from my point of view they are excellent. A lot of products offered, nicely organized with appropriate description and pictures. Lot of discounts, free coupons and acceptable prices. Good value for money.
During past years I never had any issue regarding missleading product advertize or wrong items delivery. Gearbest customer service show a high level of understanding and professionalism. At few ocassions they efficiently solved some delivery problems connected with post service.
I'm very satisfied buying on Gearbest and usualy I always find some needed product for my purpose.
Also, they have stimulating points system giving a way to buy items at lower price.
Once again, Gearbest is giving good value for money and it's pleasant to buy on Gearbes.
Pazartesi, Niasn 15, 2019

Gearbest au top !

Hi everybody,
On Gearbest I find absolutely everything I need and it is a plus compared to other site ;-). Customer service is always available and deliveries are often ahead of schedule. That's good and thank you to them ;-)
Pazartesi, Niasn 15, 2019

It worth the time

I am using internet for shopping for 3-4 years now. GearBest store is my favorite now. So far - so good. Problems was resolving quickly (Usually it was made by local post). Service is quick to answer. Catching Flash sales is fun. Sometimes the prizes is really-really good. I recommend!
Pazartesi, Niasn 15, 2019

The best chinese online store.

I never had any problems whatsoever with Gearbest. Unlike many other Chinese stores, Gearbest was always available to solve any problem and answer any questions I had. When I regret of a purchase, Gearbest is always very understanding and gives me the chance to choose various options to "compensate" the money I spent and also to do a complete refund of the money. Every time I asked for a refund Gearbest just did it without any problems and very quickly.
Gearbest is also awesome when it comes to shipping, most of the times, the shipping is free and is priority shipping. Also, Gearbest automatically filters the products that are Global Version and that have the better shipping method to me, depending on where I am.
The process of payment is also very safe and I never had a problem, wether it was by PayPal or by credit/debit card direct, I really trust Gearbest, I never had a problem, everything I ordered came to me and Gearbest always warned me if the order would take more time than normal to arrive, because of holidays and etc.
But the best of all of this in Gearbest, is that it always has the best prices in the market. When I want something that is available on Gearbest, I already know that they have the best price, even when the product is not on sale or with a special promotion. Recently I ordered a Pocophone F1 6gb ram and 128gb rom for only 281€ with the shipping insurance included! That is cheaper than the 300$ asked for the 64gb version on the US.
I also like the daily reward thing from Gearbest, if you click a little button every day on the Gearbest app you win point that could be used on an order to decrease its final value. You also receive points for every order you do and that is awesome.
To conclude, I really trust Gearbest more than any chinese website I know and I never had any problems with them.
Pazartesi, Niasn 15, 2019

Simplesmente amo

A gearbest possui uma variedade de produtos que atendem públicos de vários países, em seu estoque a de maquiagem a novidades da tecnologia, fora que atende no Brasil também as encomendas chegam nas datas ao menos que compre em época de feriados, sempre encontro o que procuro por um preço ótimo, recomendo.
Pazartesi, Niasn 15, 2019

Quite good Chinese online store

One of my favorite online stores. Quite reliable in difference from some Chinese shops. Delivery fast (to Ukraine it takes about 10 days). Support tries to help. Generally I haven't any problems with GearBest.
The system of discounts pleases (there are coupons, points, sales and a lot of prizes).
I can recommend this platform.
Cumartesi, Niasn 13, 2019

gearWORST should be there Name

I am not a family member of an employee or connected with GearWorst, so offer a real life review of my experience with this company. They work very hard at being THE WORST customer service on the web. On average, I order 30 to 50 items online each month from different places. When you have issues, dealing with Gearworst becomes the second conflict that you have to deal with. Absolutely TERRIBLE customer service (or lack thereof). At best, it is like dealing with a bunch of 10-year old kids, that in business cannot only NOT connect the dots, but also can not communicate with properly constructed English sentences, so that what they are saying makes any sense! Stick with Amazon, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Alibaba or even before subjecting yourself to this company, unless you just thrive on dealing with discourse.
Cuma, Niasn 12, 2019


Gear best is the best market for me. I recommend to the people
Salı, Niasn 9, 2019

Best website for shopping

It's my best website i have bought more than 200 order , fast shopping , good support , big deals , good coupons .....
I advice to bought from it .
Perşembe, Niasn 4, 2019

Nice Experience

It was nice experience to order pair of headphones. The gadget is really nice and nicely work. The experience is amazing to hear music with the headphone.
Çarşamba, Niasn 3, 2019

The best shop!

I am a longtime buyer in the Gearbest store! I love this store, for great discounts on products that I buy. In my country, these products are much more expensive! There were rare cases when transport companies did not deliver my packages. Gearbest tech support always politely offers a refund or re-ordering the goods! I am very pleased with the work of the Gearbest store! By my birthday, Gearbest sent me a discount coupon for a very favorable amount! It is always nice to receive gifts. Recently I ordered a new phone for my wife's gift. The price was very profitable! The package is on the way. I look forward to sending from my favorite store. Feel free to buy! Gearbest will not disappoint! All successful purchases!
Salı, Niasn 2, 2019

best service

I bought in greatbest many times and i was never disappointed because discount all the variety in products and also cheap rate
Salı, Niasn 2, 2019

Low price dealing

The price are really low because of that i become the fan of this website so i like the store which they have but the thing is they need to deliver the items little bit quick and over every thing is best.
Pazartesi, Niasn 1, 2019

my gearbest

I have already bought many times in Gearbest and I have never been disappointed. Their products are wonderful, of good quality and they have offers that I can not fail to waste. The shipments arrive in my country in a month, well sealed and in good shape.
Cuma, Mart 29, 2019

Muito boa loja

Muito boa loja bons preços e muitos produtos
Cuma, Mart 29, 2019

Great customer service

GearBest is one of my favorite online stores because prices are low, there is a system of discounts and points and I am very pleased with a customer service. I was able to resolve all of my problems with product orders I had.

In the future, I will continue to buy in this store. I feel safer to buy from gearbest then from anyone on ebay.
Cuma, Mart 29, 2019


Ottimo sito web cinese per acquisti
Ho fatto tanti ordini... Ormai è il mio sito preferito! Farò certo altri ordini!!
Perşembe, Mart 28, 2019
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