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Beware! I felt short-changed.

The reason I am taking time and effort to write in is because I feel that as a customer, I have received unfair service and am being shrugged off by iRepair. The facts are as below.

Poor workmanship / faulty LCD parts
My mobile phone was repaired by iRepair on 11 May 2017. I paid $290 to change the LCD display.

On 6 July 2017, I sent my mobile in because there was "no display". It seem to be a similar problem before the 1st repair. The customer officer Candy attended to me. She had a repair person open up the LCD and confirmed that the LCD was not damaged. A possibility was that the "no display" was due to poor workmanship or faulty parts. I filled up a form and Candy retained my mobile for investigation. That was on 6 July 2017.

Retention of mobile for 13 days and counting
I emailed, called and texted for updates on my mobile as Candy informed me that it would not take long for my mobile to be checked and repaired. (The 1st time that I sent it in, it took about 3 hours for the repair.) The was no update as of today on the result of the investigation.

Yesterday, 17 July 2017, I was informed by Candy that my mobile was at the office at Prinsep Steet, ready for collection. However, the mobile has yet to be sent to the supplier for investigation!

I was told by Christel today that they now want to send my mobile to the supplier, who is overseas, for investigation. Apparently my mobile has been sitting in the iRepair office for the last 13 days.

I have nothing personal against iRepair. However, when I paid for an expensive repair service ($290) and feel short-changed / unfairly treated, I need to highlight so that other people will be made aware of the unfair practice.
Salı, Temmuz 18, 2017

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