Hyley Milson

Hyley Milson

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successful start

The preparation is designed in order to ensure that learners are able to have a successful start. In my teaching, I believe in incorporating educational technology more
Perşembe, Kasım 5, 2020

no problems

Last summer, I purchased my Whirlpool refrigerator and so far I have had no problems, no probes! With its simple settings and choices for using an ice maker, I love the energy-efficient fridge. I wouldn't swap any other brand for my Whirlpool!
Salı, Kasım 3, 2020


The store has great products, most of them decent prices, some high, but customer service is the bad thing, employees are not at all enjoyable. Nice merchandise, but more emphasis should be put on offering more sales rewards and treating customers better.
Cuma, Ekim 16, 2020

good and comfortable at Starbucks

It's good and comfortable at Starbucks in Lakewood, but I want to see more tables than those small tables and lower chairs. It makes it hard for seniors like me to sit down. I should also be free to refill the coffee. Ruth is such a fun and sweet guy.
Perşembe, Ekim 8, 2020

long going ride

I was brought up in a family of Fords and we were riding Honda bikes and three-wheelers because my dad, who was a mechanic before he became a fireman, was driving Fords and riding Honda bikes. That's all I knew when I was a kid, and years later, after I got married, my husband, a Mako motocross racer, bought a Honda ATC for me.
Perşembe, Ekim 1, 2020

not going again

He ordered 3 pizzas, 2 wings for orders, 2 pops. The food came on time, and it was good. After $5 of driver tipping, the order came to over $92, which is way overpriced. I wouldn't expect to pay $24 for a Domino's 14 inch pie, but I did.
Pazartesi, Eylül 21, 2020

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