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Cedric Dergree

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online teaching technology

EduCBA is an online teaching technology skills network that is very well structured and a very professional building course. It will be a perfect forum for students of the future.
Cuma, Şubat 19, 2021

Taco Bell is problems.

I tried to put a very simple order: 2 burritos of seven layers and 1 big Mountain Dew. Had to repeat it loudly about 10 times and person still didn't get it, put 2 drinks instead of 1, made other mistakes. She called for a supervisor, and the supervisor lady was either under the influence or the low attitude of life, and she told me I should go. I could barely get my Visa card from them, and then put this order in another local restaurant at Taco Bell without any problems.
Perşembe, Şubat 18, 2021

barely hit

I have noticed it is easy to bust the cans. The side of the table I can barely hit and it breaks. The cases are made much cheaper, but all that can be done by me. The issue is just the old familiar taste and the durability of the fizz. I know that rates are up, but they are up for the customers as well. I have played a part in the benefit single-handedly. Seeing that I spend HUNDREDS of dollars a month practically on Coke, and I feel like I and others deserve to have at least the same product because one of the only reasons I buy it instead of other sodas is the taste and the fizz. I figured maybe it was the shop I got from, but I purchased it from different shops at different locations.
Çarşamba, Şubat 17, 2021

very reliable

For 10 years, I've had my Dell laptop and it's still running great, a little slower, but my machine isn't 24/7 and I don't download all sorts of things, so it works for me. I would have taken another Dell machine seriously, as it was very reliable.
Salı, Şubat 16, 2021

rather reckless

The Baskin-Robbins site at 8215 Citrus Heights California Auburn Boulevard hires minors to work past 10 o'clock. Since the business owner refuses to comply with the rule, they close their business 40 minutes before their specified closing time. This is a corporate strategy that is rather reckless. The people working at the location have refused to open the door and are closing this location before the listed closing hours.
Pazartesi, Şubat 15, 2021

didn't deliver my order

Much as some have said here. I would be better off staying away from these scammers... They shopped for the first time online at Nike and just didn't deliver my order at the end. I demanded a refund and then they sent me an email confirming my reimbursement after four days. So I wanted to use my gift card again, and I went to the local Nike store, but they told me they were blocking my gift cards... Nike representatives (I had a representative called Brett) are liars and scammers!!! Now they will be filling out a police report... That is all I can do now, because there are no shoes and no money at this stage.
Cuma, Şubat 12, 2021

Excellent organization

I have a desktop and a laptop owned by Acer. Excellent organization and machines. I have had very few issues and can typically easily and reliably get support. My laptop is 6 years old and it still works really well.
Perşembe, Şubat 11, 2021

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